About us

Riverside Artists is a group of creatives based in and around Hull, in East Yorkshire.

We stage regular outdoor sales during the year at various events – past events have the Freedom Festival, Hull Folk and Maritime Festival and WithStock in Withernsea – as well as having a pop-up shop in the city centre in the run-up to Christmas.

We also have a display in Vintage Bar in Silver Street, with new artworks added on a regular basis.

Our current members are listed below – please do check out their work on this website, and on their own personal sites if they have them.

Jim Burgess

Sergei Belov

I started painting when I was 39. Just picked up a brush, opened the tube of paint and started a canvas.
I spend much time on reading about methods of painting, theory of colour, history of art, visiting galleries and museums and of course painting.
Can an amateur be an artist? Do you need to be a professional to enjoy art? I have found answers to these questions for myself by now, have you?
I am not sure what exactly is my style in painting at the moment, I reckon I am still searching for it. Initially I was inspired by the Impressionists, my favourite are the works of Gustave Caillebotte and Berthe Morisot. I love working with landscapes, enjoy painting flowers and some wildlife basing on my own photographs of the places I have been to.

Anna Byelova

My inspiration came from a normal day’s shopping. I saw that all of the bags on the current market were the same and I felt I could try to do something different. I started making bags a few years ago, when I thought I would try doing it for fun. I really enjoyed making bags out of tweed as I like the feel of working with tough material. Recently I started to work on an additional project using textile landscapes, which I sometimes incorporate into my bags. I love making bespoke items and so if you have any special requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lorraine Fairhead

Steve Fletcher

Roger Gatrell

Trish Grimes

Sam Hawcroft

I’m a trained journalist with nearly 25 years’ experience and run my own publishing company, offering design and copywriting services. I am always on the go with work of some sort, and have a number of roles including editor of the Holderness Gazette and publisher of H&E naturist magazine. I’ve long enjoyed art as a hobby and paint when I get time! I’m not sure if I’ve found my ‘style’ yet, as I flit between all sorts from landscapes to abstracts, variously using oils, acrylics and watercolours when the mood takes me, and sometimes digital art.

Alan Jackson

Alan Mann

Mary McGarry

I studied sculpture at college & print making. The last ten years I have enjoyed painting local scenes & landscapes in acrylics on canvas, plus sketching in watercolor & pastels. I love working on reflections caused by boats, buildings or occasionally people. I like the challenge of unusual commissions, and murals.

Mavis McGowan

Marina Ratkus

I started my artistic journey in 2005 when I decided to go from sewing jeans in a factory to taking manicure lessons, learning a variety of techniques and artistic skills, going on to becoming a full-time manicurist. At the beginning of 2019, I made my first oil painting which I painted for an online course. From there I decided to switch careers and pursue my dreams as an artist. In May of that year, I decided to start my brand – Marina Art – where I sell my masterful art pieces online and around local markets in East Yorkshire. I also create and sell skilfully hand-painted, custom clothing.

Pauline Scott

Sue Spivey

I’m a practising artist and writer, with BAs in both Fine Art and Arts and Humanities (Creative Writing) and am a member of the SAA (Society for All Artists). I have a PGCE and have been teaching adults of all ages and abilities, from beginner to advanced, to enjoy painting and drawing for more than 27 years, running workshops in and around the county for for local art groups, and community organisation. I’ve held successful exhibitions of my work across the East Riding, including Bridlington Spa and Burton Agnes Hall. My art has continued to evolve from the visualisation of music, to landscape and still life to my interest in how shape, pattern and colour come together to make a cohesive image. I predominantly use acrylic and mixed media, but I also enjoy working with pencil, watercolour and pen.

Roy Uzzell